Friday, October 26, 2012

Update on current work

This school year I am continuing the Culture of Care research and professional development project at a Denver, Colorado, area high school. What I have noted is that the restorative justice training I created and facilitated at the end of the last school year has gained momentum, particularly with Hispanic parents. That training was designed to give administrators, teachers and parents the knowledge, resources, and skills they needed to train others in their school communities. This year some of those who were trained are now offering this training to others. In fact, we have received approval for teachers to receive credit for participation that goes toward relicensure. And not only are administrators, teachers, and parents involved, also community members are participating in the training. Hispanic parents seem to appreciate how this training differs from other restorative justice training in schools in that it focused on reducing referrals by building the capacity of teachers and students to respond to wrongdoing and conflict in the classroom in a way that promotes caring and peaceful relationships.

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