Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New book Chapter

My new book chapter has been published. It is titled, Creating Peaceful and Nonviolent Schools in the Midst of a Culture of War and Violence. This chapter appears in the book Educating for Peace in a Time of "permanent War": Are Schools Part of the Solution or the Problem?, edited by Paul R. Carr and Brad J. Porfilio. This book is part of the Routledge Research in Education series, number 79. The abstract for the chapter reads: Whereas Western countries appear to be continuously involved in war on a collective level and engaged in more violent activity on a personal level, schools seem to be mirroring these same trends. Yet, there is an alternative approach to schooling educators can adopt focusing on peace and nonviolence. Drawing on ethnographic research conducted in schools in the US and New Zealand, the author expands the analysis of collected data through the lens of restorative justice theory, focusing on typologies typical of the dominant Western culture. Based on this analysis, findings are constructed so as to offer schools a way to create an alternative culture of peace and nonviolence grounded in the restorative justice-based idea of peacemaking.

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