Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inviting Your Participation

With this posting I want to change the tone of this blog. I want to invite your participation in the work I am engaged in. In the past I have posted information without inviting your conversation. Now I want to invite you to join in the conversation about the work I am doing so that together we can co-construct this important work.
I realize that you as followers of this blog are a rich resource of passion for the work, expertise, skills, and experience. By bringing your background to the conversation together we can improve the work I am engaged in and together create the research. I am talking about the whole aspect of the work, starting with what to study, how to study the issue, who to do the study with, how to collect data and analyze it, and how to interpret the data and write those date up. By engaging in the work in this way, we can make a richer contribution to the current conversation about how to bring restorative justice principles into schools.
So what do you think about this idea?

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